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Friday, May 30, 2014

Shining the light

Driving this morning to a job interview with a local non-profit ministry, I rehearsed, out-loud, answers to questions I might be asked. At one point I was articulating why I care about ministering to underserved members of the community. I reached down into my heart for what I really believe, and my answer came out something like this:
I don't believe your value comes from how good a job you have or how good the choices you've made or how well you did in chosing your parents. The value of every human being comes from being created in the image of Almighty God, and that makes every one of us infiinitely valuable and worth caring about--especially those who most of us might not like to take the time to meet and know and encourage.
I suddenly found myself touched deeply by my own words, which seemed odd. Then I looked at the heart from which that answer sprang and said to myself, "That's really beautiful!"

That realization wasn't proud or arrogant at all, because if God's Spirit is in me, he's shaping my heart more and more into the image of Jesus Christ. The glory is his, not mine.

I'm pretty good at turning a critical eye on myself and seeing the sin and evil inside, but it's rare for me to see and appreciate the ongoing work of God in my own heart. By this time next week I should know whether or not I'll be working at Greenhouse Ministries, but I've already been blessed beyond measure, before I ever set foot on the site.


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