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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Growth and Transition

This evening Carolyn and I dropped Milton Jr., our oldest son, off at college. In both our hearts and minds, we know he is ready to be on his own. He is a faithful, intelligent man with the maturity to make his way without his mother and me constantly around.

Yet somewhere in between our hearts and minds, Carolyn and I still struggle with letting go. How we respond--either allowing him to be his own man or desperately clinging to an over-ripe dependency--will determine how much our own characters mature and grow.

Maturity, especially of the Christian kind, is more than a place where we arrive. It is a depth we explore in search of the One whose fullness allows us, at our most fully grown, to relax our grip on our own maturity, and enter into blissful communion as a little child.

Originally posted August 27, 2004
Copyright 2004, Milton Stanley


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